Babysitting, Housesitting, Extras

by Mykayla
(Saint Augustine, Florida, USA)

Hi! My name is Mykayla and I am thirteen years old, 14 in May 2013. I'm saving up for a video camera and computer for the upcoming move my family is doing. I'm willing to babysit up to three children ages 4-12, only because I'm not good with diapers and it'd be odd to babysit someone my age, right?

I'm also available to watch over your house while you're away. Doing things such as keeping it clean, walking your dogs, feeding your fish, etc. while you're gone. By "Extras" I mean things such as an assistant for a current job, maybe?

I'm pretty creative, and I'm fully willing to help you make posters, or type papers. These are some jobs I'm willing to do, and thank you for your time. :)

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