Babysitting Job 14+

by Sana Tariq
(Dagenham, London)

Hi, my name is Sana Tariq. I live in Dagenham, Am a 14year old teenager. I am not a nursery nurse, but i am doing this course at the moment in GCSE, and i work in a nursery with little kids. I love playing with little kids, and i can get along with any kid easily. I am really caring and friendly, i Just love Kids so much, and i would love to work in a nursery, because i have been waiting to get a chance to work in one of the nursery’s in redbridge. If your job place is located in a area that is unsafe or anything, i wouldn’t really like to work here. I wouldn’t mind Writing and planning for the kids, or clearing up their mess at all.

I understand the early years foundation stage fully, and i’m 100% sure about everything about that stage. My favourite thing to do with kids would be play with them or teach them in a fun way, because that’s the only way you can keep the kid’s happy, and cheerful at all times & for me a kid’s happiness is really adorable, i just love it when kid’s are smiling and playing, and that’s the most thing i love about this job and would really be delighted if you chose me. I have no regrets if you don’t choose me, but if there is something that’s not good about me that you think i wouldn’t be right for this job, please let me know, so i can improve myself as soon as possible.
About working hours, i can work 2 hours in working days, Mon-Fri, but in future i will try increasing my working hours, as i am still doing my GCSE, i can work for more hours in the holidays and also i can work after 3/4pm.
please let me know your location as soon as possible, so i can decide on my working hours.
If you want to know anything other than this, please let me know, i would be happy if you inform me about this in a week or so, so if you haven’t chosen me, i can look in some other nursery.
Thank you.

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