Babysitting Job, Cooking Job, Tutor Job, Computer Fixer, Bag Groceries Job

by Damon Hooks

Objective I am 13years old and I need to make more money to do teenager things like buying clothes, games, and ect. Also for college savings.

6/2010 - Continuing , Detroit MI

3/2009 - Continuing, Detroit MI

5/2010 - 3/2012, Detroit MI

Fix computers
2/2010 - Continuing, Detroit MI

Education Detroit City High
Honor Roll
9/2005-6/2007, Detroit MI

Honor Roll, Academic’s (math, reading , science)
9/2007 -6/2011

Burton International Academy
Academic Games
9/20011- Continuing, Detroit MI

Interests: Something for a kid, something not too far from school, something after school (or during summer) , and something to make money.

References References are available on request.

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