Babysitting Job

by Jillian

Hey! I’m Jillian and I’m 13! I live in Winnipeg, MB. I signed up for this babysitting corse and passed it! But unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone to babysit, other than my two younger siblings. I don’t really get paid when I babysit my siblings,nor I get allowance.I have tried telling my parents to tell their friends that I’m available for babysitting. But not many of their friends have kids. I’m homeschooled for this year and maybe next year, so I got some extra time! I love to hang out with kids younger than me, it’s pretty interesting and fun!

For payment,
I’d like to get at least $12 per hour (or more).
It just really depends how much kids I will be taking care of.
I prefer at least 3 kids or under!
So if you are interested or need more details,
HMU on



Thanks for reading!

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