Babysitting Job

by Patrick Grimes

My name is patrick grimes . I am 13 years of age . I like to do many things , And since i am great with kids thats a #1 choice . Kids take a liking to me very well . ive been through alot in life by the way so i for one no alot about being responsible . Umm i live in Nasvhille,Tn , Davidson county.

I know how to cook (Stove,Microwave,& Oven.) I can wash clothes for kids , bath them , feed them , and teach them things (Note:Even if they aren't in school) . I am a very uniquely personality person . Since i am young my self , i feel kids can relate to me on problem .

I also help with school issues such as ; (Dealing with bullies,homework,subjects,and peers).
I can teach kids how to do things they probably wouldnt know how to do until age of 13 themselves. So as you make this choice to pick me i would be happy to watch your child.

I have been arrested once but not something serious , it was an minor . Im currently half-way off of probation . I have turned my life around , yet i am still learning . I know well about the church . So dont let my background hold you back , because trust me i am a good influence . I do not steal , Even though i have stolen i dont . I am in the 8th grade , and i am very intelligent . I attend Spectrum Academy. (In donoldson).
Well that is pretty much it thanks :). I am a male also.

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