babysitting job.

by Emily
(Hudson, Massachusetts)

I'm Emily, I am an 8th grader in a high school. I do live in Hudson Massachusetts. I am 13 and I want to make money to save up. I have high goals i set for myself. I do have good grades. I am certified for babysitting. I got my certification when I was about 11 with my best friend. For the winter i do have basketball but only until 3:45. I am available after 4:30. I would love to have a babysitting job, but if i cant do that i wouldn't mind doing anything besides yard work ( I'm not good at that.. ) I do enjoy little kids. I wouldn't mind watching babies, toddlers, kids, any age is fine. I am pretty easy going, I dont care how much i get paid as long as its not like under 8 dollars per hour.

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