Babysitting job

by Kaitlyn

I am an 8th grader, I will be a rising 9th grader come August. I love pets & little kids! My cousin used to live with me and she had a son! While she was at work I always babysit him. I loved it. And he is 4 now , he just turnt four, 6 days days ago. And I still babysit him. She also has a 1 year old, I babysit him as we'll. even when he was a newborn. I bottle fed him, changed his diapers, you name it I done it. I want to start babysitting over the Summer because my mother is a single mom, and she is always struggling with money to take care of me and my little brother. I want to help her out. And by that I mean making a little bit of cash. And I think if I get a job she will be really proud of me, and I think I will be the perfect person to babysit any child. I'm very responsible, and I have had lots of experience with children.

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