babysitting job

by hannah leung
(usa indiana )



my name is hannah leung and I'm trying to earn a little extra cash and I wanted to do babysitting because I'm really good with kids ds and I'm 13 years old I live in Huntertown Indiana I am next year I will be in high school and I'm just ttrying to earn a little extra cash because I don't really get enough allowance and there's like these things I want but the money I'm earning now I won't get it in time.I do karate in and I'm a gymnast I have six siblings altogether including me I have five sisters including me and one brother my mom and dad are divorced my dad and he's always New York on business and my mom she's at home mom she's unemployed and my oldest sister is 18 and the youngest which is the boy he is Ted and his twin is10 two and then it would go me and I'm 13 and then it would go my other sister the third oldest her name is Maddie she is 15 oldest is 17 and her name is Katiein the first oldest is my sister jaden and she is 18. so I'm looking for a babysitting job that's near me and like my sister maddie she has a job at this place called Chungking like she owns a decent amount of money and I'm just trying to end a little extra money because she's able to buy like $100 shoes and there's the shoes that I want that are like that price so I'm just trying to earn money to get them and just to go out and have fun babysitting kids

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