Babysitting jobs in Elko, Nevada

by Shay Esaw
(Elko, Nevada, United States)

Hi, my name is Shay Esaw. I am a straight A student at Adobe Middle School. I am 12 going onto 13 in February, and I have always wanted to have an actual job that makes a fair amount of money such as babysitting. But, I have no one to baby sit for! My family doesn't pay me for babysitting their children. So, that just leaves me hanging with empty pockets. And, I also try to save the money that I have, but that is only change! My friend has 400.00 dollars from babysitting! I want a babysitting job that I can actually make money at! I have to say, I am not only doing this for the money, I am doing it for the parents who are out and about with work and other responsibilities. I have been told that I am well with children and have great ideas such as activities to tutoring. While I babysit, I make sure everything is in great order also. Like; dishes washed, vacuumed floors, clean counters, nap time, etc. etc. I thin I would make an excellent babysitter! Thank you.

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