Babysitting, online job, survey writer, anything really.

by Sara Walecki
(Brownsville, OR, USA)

My goal, remember, I will do ANYTHING to achieve this goal!

My goal, remember, I will do ANYTHING to achieve this goal!

My goal, remember, I will do ANYTHING to achieve this goal!
Me, obviously. Why would I submit a photo of a random girl?!

Hello, my name is Sara and I am a 13 year old girl worried about her future. There, I said it. The economy is at an all time low, I would like to have earned enough money to buy my Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (Blue) so that my parents don't have to.. Because let's face it, my parents have 8 other kids to buy cars for. And if I have my own money, I get a say in what car I get. If my parents buy it I will probably end up with a 2000 Dodge Durango or something... :/

I am 13, which means I have 3 years before I start driving. Three years to save money for a truck. I calculated it up and the truck I want is just under $30,000 so if I were to earn $200 a week for just over 2 years I could do it! It is a very big goal considering I have never saved more than 25 dollars at one time, but I think my future is worth it.
I am willing to do anything and everything except taking 35 cent surveys or stripping.
Babysitting: as mentioned before, I have 8 siblings. I have pretty much mastered the art of cooking, cleaning, getting a baby fed and bathed, and giving the kid a good time.
Mowing lawns: I would do this, and I know how to work a lawn mower... You would just have to provide the lawn mower.
Writing articles: I have never done this before, but I write book reviews all of the time. They usually get rated as helpful and I figure that's got to count towards something.. Right?
Dog walking: I would do this! I just have yet to find someone who would be willing to pay me to walk their dog..
Newspaper thrower person: I live in the lower income side of town and have lived here for a year and have yet to see a single newspaper be delivered. I think people just get them at the library or the general store... Besides that, I would have to borrow my brothers bike. My sister killed mine by colliding with a car. :|
Did I mention that I do an online school called Connections Academy so I have way more free time than most thirteen year olds? It literally takes me about an hour to do my school AT MOST and the rest of my day is just... Searching the Internet for job ideas and stuff..
So, if someone were to hire me I would definetly be dedicated and would be free any time they want.

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