Babysitting, online jobs, Cleaning

by Alison
(Crawfordville, Florida, USA)

I'm really good with Kids! I mean really good, I come from a family with 12 kids, I have 8 younger siblings. And I can hardly ever get people to let me babysit their kids, I get like one job every three months. I'm really good at cleaning, I started cleaning beach houses professionally with my mom at 11, but she needs the money more so she's been doing them by herself. I am also handy on the internet, but so are most people around here, so I can't really help anyone learn about the computer, that's kinda my dad's thing anyways. I love playing on the computer and doing most stuff on the internet, but I don't think my mom will really go for the online surveys cause she's not to keen on giving out our address. So any Ideas?

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