Babysitting, Paper Delivering, Tutoring

by Jennifer
(Maple,ON, CANADA)

I went to a daycare since I was 3 and I volunteered there when I turned 11 to 12 years old. So I am experienced with children. Also my friend has a baby sister, ever since she was born I helped cleaning her, feeding her and putting her to sleep. Since I believe I am pretty good with babysitting I think that is a good way to make money. My friend used to work in a paper delivering job and he said that he got good money. So I thought that I should start delivering papers too. Tutoring, I am an A (A-, A, A+) Average Student and I am 13 so I thought that I can tutor kids from ages 7 to 11. And even if they are not in my area we can webchat or message the kids and I am a major in math and can help kids with english. I am a 13 year old girl who is trying to get money. I live in Canada and I have a feeling you guys are from the USA.

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