Babysitting, Pet sitter, Busser, File, Clean/Maid

by Sahara
(Valparaiso, Indiana)

Hi, my name is Sahara and I will be in Highschool by August. I am great with kids and they just love me. I am going to be 14 years old soon. I respect people/parents and rules. I am small and tiny but I can take a lot. Just because I am short does not mean I am not capable of taking care of a child. I do not have allergies or anything so I could watch pets. I will bust tables. I have no problem with cleaning. Cleaning isn't the best job, but if I will be able to buy the clothes I need I will do it. I can file. I absolutely love organizing and staying neat. I can file, remember, organize, keep a schedule, set up meetings, and just about anything small office oriented. I will even go out and get food or make coffee or heat your lunch up at your business office. I do pretty well in school. All A's with the exception of a few B's but that is only on occasion. And it is rare that I get sick, so your child will not get sick, nor will I get sick from your child if she/he has a flu, cold, ect.

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