BabySitting, Shelf Stacking

by Asma

Me When i Went London

Me When i Went London

Me When i Went London
Me and My Cousin Brother

Hi My Name is Asma

As i am still young i would like a nice simple easy job,e.g stacking shelves or babysitting.

stacking shelves- i wouldn't mind working into a shop stacking shelves cleaning e.t.c because it seems like a nice easy job.

Babysitting- i like babies, i think babysitting is easy because i have done this job before, also i love babies so it would be something i like doing.

I am a girl 13 years old,D.O.B- 26th may 1999, i go to batley girls and am in year 9, i would like a Saturday, Sunday job, as I can the buy myself lovely things. i can't work weekdays as i am in school. i used to do a job of babysitting or close neighbours cousins but didn't get paid a lot now i would like a job that pays well and is fair

Thankyou. :)

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