Babysitting, Tutoring, etc.

by Lynette

Well, I'm a 13 year old girl looking for a decent job. The reason why is that I could use a little cash around when going out and stuff and I would love to be able to start buying gifts for my family once Christmas arrives. I mean, there's a lot of reasons why I would want a job. Having a job is a huge responsibility, right? Well, if I do have a job then I would be quite a bit responsible which will help for my education, home, etc. I'm getting tired of asking money from my Mom who works hard for her money in her job, so I thought maybe I should get a job? You see, I'm a blogger on my blog and other blogs I work in. (Over 10). And I use Wordpress and I would like to buy those cool features that you can only get if you pay. Okay...this isn't coming out how I want to say it. Basically, I'm just like any other early teenager wanting a job so desperate enough to be looking up this on Google. But, you see, everyone deserves a job, no matter what. I would want one, but do I deserve it? Of course, everyone does! But who to say I would qualify? Now about myself, I like to have fun and go shopping and well, live for the moment. A person like that sees something they want and like totally dreams over it, which is exactly what I do. I would want a simple job. A job that's fun and a job where I can meet new people. I wouldn't mind if it's a job on the internet or something because I'm always on it. Or if it's out there in this huge world, I wouldn't mind. Maybe my friend can use a job too? Then her and I can finally have some cash and do those goals we been wanting to do since 6th grade...

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