Babysitting , tutoring

by Victoria Vazquez
(Springfield ma )

 That's me and my little sister.

That's me and my little sister.

My name is Victoria Vazquez, I am 14 years old born on October 31, 2001. My goal I'm life is to become a counselor. I enjoy working with kids all ages and I like to play different sports and I like to dress up and try new things. I like playing with kids outside and indoors. The reason I want a small job is because I can save up all money and buy me something I need so I can save my mom money . I like working with kids with their school work. I like working with kids help them with their goals in life. What I will do with the money ? I will put it in a bank account and I will save it for when I grow up for a car. I really hope you give me a call at 413-301-8492

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