Babysitting, washing cars, watching after people's pets

by Toni, 13
(Gonzales, LA, United States )

I am an outgoing, wonderful 13 year old. I love kids, pets, and I'm very friendly. I like to do work, especially when I'm getting paid for it. I have good grades in school. 4 a's and 1 b. I think I do pretty well. Not most teens my age have that good grades. Most of them are troublemakers and have no plan in life to do something that actually is good for the community and themselves. Me, personally, am a Christian and I go to church every Sunday. I am really committed to whatever I am doing, as you can obviously tell. The kind of job/work I'm looking for is like a part time whatever you need me to do kind of girl. And I would love to either babysit or walk/take care of pets (cats and dogs preferably) my go to option would be to wash cars. But I would love any kind of job/work I can get!! Thank you for your time and patience.

- Toni, 13

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