Babysitting, writing articles, research programs, photography modeling (possibilty), dog walking

by Katherine
(Los Angeles, CA)

Well my name is Katherine, I'm 13 years old. I live in Los angeles with 2 older siblings and a dog. I am an A student in middle school who tries hard at everything. I like swimming, reading, writing, taking photos, listening to music, animals, spending time with younger kids, playing piano, hanging out with friends, and more. I love going to camps over the summer, and all the kids there adore me! I'm always looking for opportunities to help or have fun. During my free time i like running or walking with my dog around the park, listening to music, reading, and more. I especially love dogs and puppies, and i am allergic to cats. I'm known to be very organized, creative, artistic, and musical. I'm also very responsible, caring, and very mature for my age (as everyone tells me). I have many fun stories to tell that I'm sure will NOT bore you!

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