Babysitting, Yard Cleaning, Walk dogs, Clean someone's house

by Veronika Amler
(Brooklyn, NY 11228)

Hello, My name is Veronika Amler, I'm 14 years old and i attend Shulamith H.S , I'm a freshman and I'm on the volleyball team. I'm a very friendly person and love getting to know new people.

I'm great with kids i have a baby brother that's 2 and i spend a lot of time with him, also i have 2 cousins that are 4 and 5 and we get along great.

I did yard cleaning before at my own house its really fun and i don't mind the work. I have had 3 dogs in my life so I'm very good with them, i have a German Shepard and had two American Eskimos.

I love helping people clean, my mom works a lot so i clean the house a lot so i know how to.

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