by Taylor

Hi I am Taylor,I am 13 years old and I love kids. I am your typical tomboy,fun loving,animal lover,teenager. I love listening to music and hanging out with my friends. I do very well in school,stright A's, and I tutor the second graders in the afternoons. Although I believe some can be a brat;I love them. Kids makes me wish I was still that little. It brakes my heart knowing these pretty,sweet,fun,little kids will soon have to deal with drama. I hate drama but I have to deal with it everyday. It seems like all since I was in the 4th grade,I have dealt with drama,drama,drama. I think everyone deals with it some point in their lifes. I know I may only be 13 but I am very mature for my age.Strangers just assume I am 15 at least haha :) I go to church and I love God. I am just very thankful that Jesus Christ came down to earth and died for our sins. That is one spectacular thing that anyone has ever done for me. I babysit my little sisters 5 and 10 all the time. I do it for free so that really stinks.I kinda need a little extra cash. I really want to buy my family store. They are selling it and they said if I can come up with the money for it I could buy it. I love kids and babysitting doesn't even feel like work(when the kids are in a good mode that day lol :D) I have fun with them. My bestest friend, Colby Vanover,helps sometimes also. Of course I am never alone with a boy. We grew up together. All since kindergarden. We just like understand eachother. He is really good with kids as well. I would like kids anywhere between uh new born to maybe 6 or 7. I am very trustworthy and I handle responsablity very well. My parents are the best. They always make sure we do the right thing and are doing right to others. One time another of my guy friends that I also am very close with came up to my house and asked me to our very 1st school dance. I couldn't say no. HIs dad died like a couple of months before. I am not a heartbreaker. Well...I never try to break someones heart. If I make a promise I always try to keep that promise. That is the right thing to do. My parents have raised on pretty good child if I do say so myself. I do live on a farm and I love animals. Horsebackriding all the time. We always have cook outs and bome fires. I do a little modeling and acting at our old courthouse. It is very old. I has been there since the Civil

War. It is in pretty good shape for a building that dang old lol. I really love acting and I am considering becoming an actress. I love Disney Channel,TLC,Teen Nick,ABC,Life TIme,CTM,ect. All the actors and actress really inspire me. Bridgit Mendler is one of my inspirations along with Alisha Dunlap from Cheer Perfection. There is just something about them that inpsires me. Alisha is just a very good leader and I really look up to that. I am friends with her on facebook and really knew her before the show but she has always inspired me. I talk to her a lot and she is like my second mom. I live in Kentucky so I probley couldn't be an actress but hey Jonny Depp is one of the best actors. His aunt is my moms best friend. She is pretty cool btw. I also love cooking. I cook all the time and I would love being a cook as well. When I babysit my little cousins Laura,Linda,and Lexi(3,3,and 1 years old)We always cook an amazing treat. I let them help out and they love it. uh right now I am tutoring my other cousin,Jacob,he is 13 like me,he is only a month and 3 days older then me. He should be over soon so I have to hurry up.Uh I do massage. I know this will sound gross but I use to get paid to massage my teachers feet at recess lol. I massage for free at funrasiers all the time. Sometimes I get paid to massage at benifits. I also love ot write. I love writing and reading. The Babysitters Club is one book that really inspired me to babysit. I also like the book The Summer Before Boys and Prince Brat and his Whippiung Boy. Also I love reading about missonarys. I love Geroge Muller. He is like my biggest inspiration. When I babysit I always make sure to tell them how much I love and care for the but most importantly how much the should follow their dreams and to be great people when they grow up. I will tell them how important staying in school is and how much they should enjoy being in school and making memories.I would play my dulcimer and banjo for the kids. We would have such a great time. We would tell stories and watch movies. We would play shadow puppets and sing songs. We would make beautiful art work and play pretend.We would defenatly make homemade icecream, family's secret resipe of course. I love kids and I love having responsiblity and just being a leader and inspiration. It makes me feel so happy knowing kids look up to me. I know this is really really long and my Cousin is here so I can tutor him. Wish me luck.

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