by karen arellano
(1901 n 13th st waco tx)

i love children and i love technology. i'm 12 not 13 but i was hoping this website would help me and i enjoy writing and reading i'm not very good at math.i love school my dreams are to graduate and have a great career and make my mom proud. i am really looking forward to a job. i enjoy playing with kids still .i would like to learn cosmetology and nursing too. i'm in avid which means i'm starting my college plan in middle. i'm learning to get better at math.i been looking forward for a job since this summer but my mom thought i was to young but i'm willing to balance my school work and job. however if your kid is having trouble with a material in school i could do my best and help out with it. i'm very committed to my school work and job(when i get one).i would enjoy taking care of children and pets too.

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