by jefferson chukwuezi

Hello there my name is Jefferson Chukwuezi and I'm 13 years old I like to play sports, video games and I'm extremely good with kids (like extremely good with them) cause my parents leave me with my little brother and I always play with him (anything he wants), feed him, and bath him, change his diaper, then I tuck him into bed. I also have completed the babysitting course. Why I'am doing babysitting is to raise up enough money to buy my little brother his three favourite Lego video games which are Lego marvels avengers and Lego the force awakens, and mine craft which in total costed $160 so that is my goal before October 19, 2016. I can come at any time unless there is something I need to do with my family then I'll tell you. But I' am always free the whole day on Sunday and Saturday. Hope to babysit your kid/kids soon.

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