by Alice Kozmirenko
(Edmonton, Ab , CA)

heres a picture of Me.

heres a picture of Me.

Hello, My Name is Alice Kozmirenko, Im looking for a job to make extra money to help my single mother at paying rent. Unfortunatly it's really hard for me to find a job because im 14 years old , a lot of adults think 14 is too young but, not every 14 years old are childish and irresponsible, i know that i could handle grown up job because that is how i was raised , i might be 14 but i act older than that. I want to start by working in a easy jo but, i also want to enjoy it. I decided to go with babysitting , its perfect because im very good at taking care of kids, i do have experience with them , ive babysitted alot before, kids enjoy spedding time with me and i enjoy spending time with them. Im looking for a babysitting job where they could pay me atleast 10$ per hour,and it doesnt matter what age or how many kids they are , i could handle it 100%. Im not very good at driving, im actually in the middle of learning, so i cant pick up or drop off kids unfortunatly. Another usefulll thing is that i can clean too , i had to clean the house by myself my whole life, i always make sure everything sparkles. I really think i could make a great babysitter but i need help to find a babysitting job , any reccomendations? Thank you.

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