by ayla skaggs

Hello, my name is ayla skaggs Im 12 years old ,almost 13. and I live in california ,but who says your to young to babysit?Im trying to make extra money,not for junk food like most teenagers,but for stuff like taking my best friend to meet my dad in washington state.Or helping out my school for the spring sports like track and feild.Im a streight A student so if your kid needs help on homework after school I could help them.Im in seventh grade.I have a 19 month old little sister,4 year old and 6 year old cousin and babysit them alot,I do have experience with ages from 1-6 year olds.Im looking for part time jobs that wont require everyday babysitting.I can work on monday-thursdays,and saturday-sunday, but some days I may not be able to due to my volleyball team.I will need to know ahead of time on what days I might have to babysit.So if i cant you can get a relative or other family mamber to maybe babysit. sorry for the inconveniance.

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