Babysitting,help with homework,dog walking

by Danielle
(Thornton Co )

I just turn 13 last month. My name is Danielle Hardy and I'm in middle I go back to school on Monday. I live in Thornton Co and my mom would drive me were I need to go. I'm a loving person also I love playing sports and video games but mostly sports because its my life. The type of job I want is like babyisitting or help with homework but I can do anything and I don't get off school unit 4:oo. For babysitting I have a younger brother he is 4 and my newpthew is 14 months I think but he's 1 and I watched my moms friends kids they were 5 and 2 years old. I have 3 dogs I walk 2 of them and I love dogs so much and kids. :)

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