Babysitting/Petsitting, Fashion Design, Tutor, Photography,Game Tester, Taste Tester

by Madison
(Circleville, Ohio, U.S.A.)

I'm Maddie, I'm an 8th grader at Circleville Middle School, in Circleville, OH. I'm a straight A's student, I've never had lower than a B in my school career, so I'm willing to tutor, preferably elementary school students. I really need a job so I can stop blowing all of my mom's money. I love art, and my friends say that I'm a genius when it comes to fashion. I also love animals, and I'm good with children. I have a good eye when it comes to Photography, and I'm willing to test different games, foods, and products. I basically just need a local job that pays a decent amount.

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