by Ashlie Kass
(Cape Coral, Florida)

My name is Ashlie Kass. I like to write, like a lot, and as you can see, is good at it. I also babysit. Be it kids or pets, I do both. I like fantasy, animals, and chocolate. Lots of it.

If you want to know how good I am at writing, I ham a little example:

Her hair blew with the breeze that passed by. The sunset glowed, making her face a shade of orange. The grass underneath her is comfortable, but a bit wet. She doesn't mind. Right now, she was peaceful, next to her friend curled up next to her, dozing. She flopped onto her back and smiled happily.

Since it's currently school, I'm available on weekends. On school days, I'm available at maybe 5:00 PM.

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