Are You Just Dying to Become a Fashion Designer?

You are born to become a Fashion Designer If....

You spend your weekends at the mall- you just LOVE fashion!

You have tons of ideas for clothes and accessories

You can't wait to get your hands on the latest new looks!

You read fashion magazines instead of your school books;

You make and design your own clothes out of your basement at age 10.

In other words...

You are totally obsessed with fashion.

Does this sound like you?!?

Have You Always Wanted To Become A Fashion Designer?

But you're to young to go to fashion design college.

In the glamorous world of fashion, it doesn't matter if you're 14 years old or 40 years old...

All that matters is whether or not people like and BUY your designs!

So it's never to early to follow your dream of becoming a famous fashion designer!

Imagine earning $1,000 a week traveling the world as a professional fashion designer or buyer!

Or you could start your own fashion label at home, or online fashion boutique!

Here Are 10 Simple Steps on How to Become a Teen Fashion Designer:

1) Come up with your own unique style. Write it down, or better yet...draw it on paper.

This way, you won't forget it and you'll have a better picture of it.

Take this quick survey to get a Free Target gift card... 2) Learn how to use a sewing machine. If your mom or grandma can't teach you how to sew, check out a sewing book at the library.

3) Choose your fabric. Don't limit yourself to "ordinary" fabric either. Think lace, velvet, leather, chenille, worn out jeans, etc.

4) Design a label for your clothing...and don't forget to create a catchy logo!

5) Offer to design outfits, swimsuits, or even prom dresses for your friends. Or maybe you just want to look like a supermodel in that new bikini you designed?

Discover the supermodels secrets to a perfect butt here... 6) This is important...Wear your designer fashions to school every day. And loan your outfits to your friends to show off and wear to school or to the movies.

If your outfits are just darling, friends will ask where they bought their outfit. And you'll get the credit!

7) Partner up with a school club or church when they do a fund-raising sale and offer to donate some of your outfits to be sold.

8) Look into opening your own online one-of-a-kind designer boutique. It's easier than you think.

It's easy to become a fashion designer and sell your handmade designs on this site... 9) Ask the teachers and administrators at your school to consider doing a fashion design show to raise money.

10) If your stuck on a classic movie like Gone With the Wind, Sound of Music, etc. and see if any style appeals to you. Or visit a vintage clothing store.

Then enhance, modify, and model your new style! Anyone can become a fashion designer. Even if you're 13 or younger.

You don't have to wait for your dream to come true any longer...or until you're old enough to go to college.

Wear your your fashion...BE your fashion.

Good luck in becoming the next famous fashion designer - you can do it!

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