Being any type of writer

by Uche

I want a job that has to do with writing stories or writing all together. I am told that I can make amazing stories for every project that is open for it I get extra credits because my stories are so well put together I gathered this knowledge from reading alot. I am very creative and am good at following directions. People say I have a wierd mind not in a bad way I just like to think of things in the persective of others I like to go against people I think the way of opposing sides I take slavery and can make it sound like a good thing not that I believe it is a good thing.i made a philosophy of my basic belief and my mind but they publishers are say that they don't understand it only one person in my entire life has kind of understood me he is my friend John. So I think I can be any type of writer because I can think for any side of the story, very persuasive, I know how to communicate a message, I can write any article or just blog.

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