Blogging about technology . Programming apps.

Hello! I live in india and i am a real technerd who likes blogging about tec. and i really want to do something which would give me a boost to my carrier. Please help me...... I kow that you can suggest me a way through i can inculcate more skills in me and also have a virtual job. I tried for applying i stardoll but they did not give much importance. there is no financial problem and that's not the reason for which i want to try out a job. It is just my pleasure and i can get prepared for my actual time to work. Regarding this matter, i have not told this to my momand i still have to take permission from her. So till then you can suggest me something as per my issue.

Thanks anyways for the previous common ideas! you are such a great person..... an dyes , I have great typing skills.

Please reply ASAP...Thanks ....

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