by Emily Elizabeth Montgomery
(Mason county wv)

This is what I'm obsessed with

I'm Emily Montgomery and I really need the money for something called 'the2tails' it's a website about mermaids and stuff. I really want a tail and other things from it. So I find blogging really fun. I do it everyday, just for fun... So I would most defiantly do it if I knew money was going to be involved with it. I can blog about anything really, I can teach my readers how to do stuff, but I have a obsession with mermaids and I know most people say there not really real, but I'm 13 and I really do believe in them... I know other people do also, so I could talk about the mermaids and post videos and other really cool stuff about it all, as you can see I'm really interested in this weird and mystical stuff, I would really really like it if I could get this amazing job

I really hope you all take a likening to me :)

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