Business Assistant,

by Micayla

Im 13 years of age. The job im looking for is a business assistant. I am a good organizer. I am a good at following directions. I can type pretty fast. I can get the job done. I was an teacher assistant before. I kept her dest organized, I kept her updated on things. I was her runner to get her coffee, her mail from out her mail box in the office.

I am located in Milwaukee WI. I will have transportation to get too and from work. I go to school 7 days a week. I can work after school everyday & on weekends. I get out of school at 3:45 PM. I am able too work until 7:00 PM. I am available to work on weekends if needed.
I am funny & can be entertaining. When I used too be a teacher assistant I was always making jokes. I like to get a good bond with my boss. I also if I work on weekends it would be best for me too work from 7AM to 8 PM.
I will arrive too work on time & be the best that I can. I am the best too help & I am the one you need.

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