Car Washing

by Kyle Creasy
(Weymouth, Dorset, UK)

Hi guys,

My name is Kyle James Creasy and I am a 14 year old school boy.(Nearly 15) And im saving up for a car. I have been brought up knowing that money doesn't grow on trees, and in life I will have to work to get things I want. And I know things won't just get handed to me for free. In my household lives myself, my little sister (5 years old) my little brother (3 years old) and my grandparents (in their mid 60's,both retired), but the family business is still ongoing as my uncle (their son) took over the business when my grandfather retired a few years back. He had to retire for family circumstances. I dont get £20 pounds by just asking... I have to do the washing up, or clean the car and I have to do my bit... I have actually started a local car washing business called "Kidz Car Cleaning" around my local area a while back this year, and I made about 65 pounds out of that! But unfortunately that died down after about a month of opening. Also back in 2010 I saved up through the summer holidays and I bought myself a laptop, I have also bought myself a tablet. I saved up as my family have their own removals business and I like to help out in the summer. I enjoy working because I know I am doing something good, and I know I'm helping the community and doing my bit. I usually save up about 200 pounds during the holiday (depending how busy work actually is) I have the mind power to stick at something and don't change my mind after a week. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty, and I have the willpower to stay at something. I also did a paper round for about a year, and saved up about 200 pounds again, but I had to give that up as we moved away from the area. I wouldnt like to do another paper round as i've been there, done that, and I want to do something else and something big, not work for pennies a week. Because where I want to buy a car when I'm 17, I need a good job, a proper job, with good pay.

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