Supporting Catholic Charities Will Make You HAPPY...And a Millionaire FASTER!

There's no doubt in my mind...that Catholic charities...(or any other charitable organization) can...

SAVE lives...give HOPE...and jumpstart your kids journey to becoming a happy, successful LIGHTNING SPEED!

How? Something to think about...

Money doesn't guarantee happiness. Money doesn't buy love. And money won't cure cancer if you have it.

But making millions...and SHARING millions WILL make you happy.

I know, I can giving to a Catholic charity have anything to do with becoming a millionaire?

Doesn't giving away money mean you'll have less...not more money?


When someone gives you a birthday or Christmas present...what do you do? If you're anything like run to Target and buy them a gift, right?

So the more you give...the more you receive. Same rule applies to money. It's the law of the universe.

My grandma used to always tell me that I should "share my toys happily" and "give until I have nothing to give". She's right!

Catholic charities helps tens of thousands of people, regardless of faith.

In 2005 alone, 284 tons of food were distributed to hungry families! That's a LOT of groceries.

There's No Doubt About It...

Giving FEELS GOOD - nothing else makes you feel better about yourself...or happier. So encourage your kids to tithe.

If you really want your kids to be happy, teach them not only how to become a millionaire...but how to be a generous millionaire.

And we'll ALL benefit.

Generous millionaires are not just born - they're taught from a young age!

And watch them become richer and richer, as they tithe more and more.

The Best Way to Teach is By Example

We've taken our kids to see one of my favorite plays, The Christmas Carol about 5 times over the years.

It never fails to lift my spirits and remind me what Christmas is really all about...not just the shopping, baking, know what I mean!

And yes, I get misty eyed every time when I see little Tiny Tim!

I especially love the quote "Mankind is your business!" I'm usually elbowing my kids to make sure they're listening!

But we try to live that quote every day. If each of us gives...even if it's a tiny bit...we can make a difference.

And what better way than to practice tithing?! If you ever want to learn how to swim...sooner or have to get in the water and SWIM!

So we practice tithing and volunteering together as a family. I like to think I'm helping my kids get into the habit of sharing.

The list of Catholic charities and other charitable opportunities is really Endless...

So, time to be a good role model and have some FUN!

Every Christmas our parish sponsors a needy family. I have each of my 4 kids choose an ornament off the tree and buy the suggested gift item.

Of course, half the fun is shopping and wrapping the present! You and your kids can help spread some holiday cheer with this popular Catholic charity You don't have to be a feel like a million bucks!

Our country and world would be suffering WAY more than it already does if Caholic charities and other generous organizations closed their doors.

One of the BEST lessons you can teach your kids is to share their gifts and talents with those less fortunate.

Our priest always says..."God asks you to give what you have, not what you don't have".

More Ways to Tithe

Volunteering at a soup kitchen is another great way to help out in your community.

We volunteer a few times a year at the Family Service Center, one of the many Catholic charities in Minnesota.

We help serve a meal to homeless single parent families.

It's a great way to show your kids FIRST HAND how lucky they are to have a warm home and plenty of food.

Can you imagine being hungry...or not having enough money to buy food for your kids?

All I can say is...Thank GOD for Catholic Charities and the food and shelter they provide for the homeless! You can find more Catholic charities in your neck of the woods here... So remember to encourage your kids to be generous millionaires...they'll be happier and more successful...FASTER!

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