How This 8 Year Old Child Model Makes an Average of $1,200 For 2 Days

Doesn't every mom think their kid is cute as a button and could be a child model? might be a dream come true.

A good friend of mine has an eight year old son, Jared, who earns a little money as a model for book covers for authors and local production companies.

He recently modeled for the cover of Max Lucado's (an excellent Christian author) newest book, Fearless.

He's the cute little boy with the mask, snorkel and fins! He actually had to jump IN the water and swim about 10 strokes.

And it was a chilly 55 degrees!

Ah...the trials and tribulations of modeling!

Jared's next job is for a new clothing line for a cool $1,200 for 2 days work. Here's a quick way to make money online in your spare time...

If you've been thinking about getting your child in modeling or acting, now might be the time to give it a try.

It's a lot of fun and it doesn't cost you much - except your time.

Take 15 minutes and check out how you can become America's next top teen supermodel in 6 simple steps Here... Thanks to the internet, you don't have to wait until you're older to start designing your own clothing line.

Plus, you have access to millions of customers around the world!

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This Is The First Step To Becoming a Child Model

The first step in breaking into child modeling is finding an agent to represent your child.

And unfortunately, this can be frustrating and difficult to do. It's actually the hardest part about becoming a model.

Watch out for the agencies who claim they are agents, but are actually modeling schools where you end up wasting a lot of unnecessary money.

If your child has a cute, bubbly personality, then she shouldn't have any trouble trying out for commercials. They ususally take about 2 minutes! So I wouldn't suggest spending tons of money and tons of time in modeling school!

Modeling and commercial agents receive literally hundreds of applications every day.

So it's important to know the inside secrets of how to make your child's photos stand out from the you'll not only get a top agent...but the highest paying modeling jobs as well.

Are you ready to dive right in?

How Much Money Can a Child Model Earn?

Child models can earn thousands of dollars, or even millions of dollars every year. That's what children of every age are doing by appearing in television commercials.

So why not your children?

If you are constantly being told how beautiful your baby or child is, perhaps it's time to talk to an agent about getting your child started in the profitable business of modeling

It's a great way to start a college fund.

Who may have the next Gerber baby on your hands!

Remember, the Olsen twins started acting when they were only 4 months old.

Acting and modeling for tv commercials and print ads is a great way to jumpstart a college fund, gain experience in front of the camera, and get noticed by the top talent agents and movie producers.

Maybe even by a Disney casting call director! Want to just "look" like a supermodel? Here's some free make-up...

You Do Not Have to Enter a Baby Beauty Pageant to Be a Child Model

One of the biggest myths is that you have to enter in pageants, contests, and pay huge sums of money to get a talent agent.

This is simply NOT true.

In fact, you should Never have to pay any money in advance to a licensed agent - EVER. If you do, then you're being ripped off.

Plain and simple.

But often times, if you do enter your baby or toddler in a photo contest, modeling agents and casting directors will take notice.

And there are usually lots of cash prizes!

One of the most well known baby contests is the Cute Kid Contest.

First time contest entrants receive a free 11x14 gorgeous canvas portrait (a $59 dollar value) as well as a free subscription to Parenting magazine for one year.

Not to mention a chance to win the grand prize of $25,000 dollars!

Plus, they just announced that the winner will also have a photo shoot and modeling contract with "Face of Carter's Footwear".

Are you a cute kid? Enter a photo and you could win $25,000!

Watch Out For Modeling Scams

Here's 3 rules to avoid being ripped off...

Rule #1: Never pay anyone advance fees ever. I repeat, NEVER! If you are asked by any Modeling Agent for money before they get you a job, you can be sure they are NOT legitimate and you're being ripped off.

Rule #2: Legitimate licensed modeling agents never charge money or require up front fees. They receive 10-20% commission on jobs they book for you after you get paid for the job.

Rule #3: Legitimate licensed model agents have relationships with casting directors, personal managers, photographers, producers and production companies. They can legally negotiate deals for you.

Did you know there are Free auditions going on right now? And casting calls are always FREE.

This is an opportunity no parent should pass up. All four of my children have done child model casting calls.

It's actually a lot of fun. You really have nothing to lose.

Your child might be one of the lucky ones who gets acting jobs, commercial auditions, or modeling jobs his very first time auditioning!

And you don't have to be a drama student to try out.

Just tell your kids to be themselves...

be confident...

and give it their 100% effort.

Not to mention have fun!

Get a Child Model Agent in 3 Simple Steps:

1) Make any size copy of a recent photo of your child. Go for shots that show off your child's eyes and hair, keep the background simple, and remember to smile!

A nice recent 4 x 6 snapshot of your baby/child will do. You don't need to spend money on professional photos.

Child model agents agree that babies and children change too quickly.

On the back, be sure to write your child's name, birth date, contact number, height, weight, hair color & eye color.

2) Include a short note about your child & what you are interested in pursuing. (modeling, commercials, film, etc.)

3) Then mail out to prospective, licensed agents.

Different model agencies accept photos by mail, email, or online. Be sure to follow the agency guidelines before submitting any photos.

I would also attach a well-written cover letter. For example, tell an interesting or funny story about why your child will make the "perfect" model that will make your child stand out.

Agents get hundreds of pictures daily so the competition is fierce...but it's worth the effort.

Especially if your child is able to pay for her own college tuition with child modeling jobs!

You might also want to use an online modeling website to put your child's picture and information about modeling interests to get worldwide exposure.

Here is a safe, free website I like for online child model portfolios to check out... So if you're ready to jump into the exciting world of child modeling to...

Have some fun...

Gain confidence...

And make some money for college...

There's no time like the present. Here are some kid modeling agencies to check out...

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