by Harvey Lee Goff
(pascgoula ms usa)

my name is harvey lee goff my daddy is harvey levi goff

and i have a cat named colby and we live in apartments
because we are broke and thats when i decided to make
some money and get a job i like to wrestle and i like
to keep peoples house clean i don't know why but yeah
i do and i like to write stories my grandma loves hearing
them and i write them we both like bingo and my grandpa
and i like to listen to songs alot but i do have a problem
about waking up early but don't worry about that and
i don't have to because i have in alarm and so my favorite
cartoon is spongebob second teen titans but my favorite
show is big and been out for years decades generations wwe
my favorite movie is scooby doo 2 monsters unleashed
i used to laugh about my family is all kind,ve split
up and i have a second home and it is a house and thats
my grandparents house i like to switch up but i can't go
to far because i don't have enough money and my grandparents and parents well like go a certain distance
and that don't have enough money to keep going a certain
distiance i like playing video games and i get tired
like every 5 hours so i'm homeschooled and i live in

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