Cleaning, Babysitting, & Typing Jobs

by Brittany

Brittany Burgess - Lee

2222 Dawn Lane

Temple Hills, 20748


Objective- To be placed in a position where I can use my skills and knowledge to complete my tasks while helping the company out and please team workers and satisfy customers.

Summary Of Qualification

I have over six months of experience in running my own business including responsibilities and assignments on writing articles, interviewing and participating in tradeshows. In high school I have already met my graduation requirement in Eleventh grade and I have passed great courses. For example courses like Ap Reading, Government, Us History, and Geometry & Spanish.


Location: Metro, Arlington V.A

During my stay here I have completed over 70 hours of community service by helping many of the employees at the job. I earned my hours by doing the following:

Typing work schedules

Giving checks out during payday

Giving out transfers to employees

Cleaning tables and Mopping floors

Editing Paper Work


Location: Afjrotc, Temple Hills, M.D, Potomac H.S

I started my freshman year which was mandatory to majority of the students enrolled but I decided to join again voluntarily my sophomore year in High school. During my two years in Afjrotc I earned ribbons and badges for the best improved and for fully completing boot camp. I really enjoyed my time in this course because it taught me how to be serious and respect people no matter who they are.


Location: Entrepreneurship, Hyattsville M.D, Northwestern H.S

In this course I have successfully just started on running my own Daycare business. I have attended tradeshows and talked and presented my views to a company called NFTE. I learned that starting a business is not easy and sometimes can be stressful but no matter how hard it is I am going to get through it with a positive effect.


Location: University Of Maryland College Park

I completed a business internship here. The internship was not a paid internship but I did complete a lot of different tasks there. The program was about 2 weeks long, and we had to come up with a PowerPoint explaining our business choice. Mines was a babysitting business, but I partnership with a friend of mines for the experience. We took trips to many different business and talk to their CEO about the patents and laws behind starting your own business. We visited Honest Tea, Editable Arrangements, and a few others in the Dc, Maryland, and Virginia area.

Experience: Location: Rockville, MD

In June 2012 I joined the knife company CUTCO. CUTCO was a sales company for various kitchen supplies and Appliances. In the company I completed various tasks such as Marketing, Presentations, in home meetings and Presentations and demonstrations. I
completed training with exemplary time and fashion, Led many group workshops and presentations while completing various tasks to complete my training. During the time I made many sales and new customers due to my optimism and personality which allowed people to grow to like not only me but the items I sold.

Experience: Location: 7th Gallery Place Chinatown

I started working at Ruby Tuesdays on Nov 5th, 2012 as a Host/Server/TueGo. I am currently learning how to handle a very fast pace in the work place. I welcome many Guest at my companys location in a nice and professional manner. During my work days as a host i managed the resturant by sitting the incoming guest at the best seats with the best servers. During some days when large groups of people come in to eat, it does become challenging since i have to mantain a good rotation with sitting our guest and than answer the phone in a timely manner to take down orders at the same time, but i believe i handle it in the best way possible.


Description School Name Grades Completed

Elementary Ruth K. Webb Kindergarten - 5 th

Elementary Panorama 5th - 6th

Middle School Shugart 6th -9th

High School Potomac 9th -11th

High School Northwestern 11th-12th


Born: November 5, 1994

Location: George Washington Hospital

Hobborts, Spending tie with family, Spending time with friends, Going to new Places, and Learning new things.

Favorite Colors: Blue, Black, & Grey

Summary about Me: I am a wonderful kind hearted individual. I am seventeen years old and I am done with the12th grade. My recent goal is completed! (Finish High School) then find and job that fits me. I believe I can contribute a great amount of energy to any company I am working for. Some of my strengths Include: writing, cleaning, counting, typing, making quick decisions and completing the job. My career goals are enrolling into college after I graduate and working to save up money to support myself and my education. By working I wish to learn more about how a business comes together and teamwork. I love challenges and I believe I would work excellent with people because I am a well-rounded person who mostly gets along with everybody. If I ever made a decision that turned out to be wrong I would most likely rush to make a quick fix and notify the proper authority. I currently don’t have any other job so I will surely be available to move to another location if the job needs me to. I am very good and managing my time so I would also be able to work extra hours and/or work or holidays if the job needs me to.html

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