clothes,fashion,art,music or acting

by Linda Maingi
(Norway )

I want a job involving clothes,fashion,art,music or acting.You see the reason behind me choosing the first thwo categories above which are clothes and fashion is because i just love that touching,charming and satisfying feeling that comes to somebody's heart when you suddenly realize that you look appealing ,delightful, attractive and admirable. I love seeing people happy and pleased by themselves in a way that they accept and appriciate their looks.

The other last three categories (art,music and acting)are like my other best things that i do and in that case i love doing them. Creating things is fun and it needs concentration same as music which includes dancing and singing. I do dance and sing a bit but then i need to perfect myself. WHen you act and make someone smile or have an emotional feeling it means that the person has experienced or learned something.Te entertainement in the acting industry is really fun and Mmost of the movies have lessons or teachings from different clips of them so i think that is fun and it pays good Money too.

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