How to start a cockatiel breeding business

Cockatiels are extremely prized pet birds, and are only slightly less popular than budgies. And it's no wonder. They are capable of imitating human speech, they are brightly colored and they have extravagant feathers. Also, they are easy to breed. This article will explain how to breed your own pet cockatiel and make a business out of it. (It should be noted, however, that cockatiels, when born, are completely dependent on another person or their mother. If you work full-time, it is not recommended that you breed your cockatiel.)

Cockatiels of both sexes remain fertile until they are eight-to-fourteen years of age. So, if you want to breed, make sure your pet is younger than that. However, you also have to wait until it is three years of age, which ensures a male is sexually active and reduces the risks of complications in females from laying eggs. You need to make sure that your pet is deemed healthy and fit, and that it mates with another unrelated individual of its same species that is healthy and fit. If you have a cockatiel mate with one of its relatives, severe complications could be brought upon the young. To make sure both specimens are in good health, take them to your veterinarian. He or she will perform blood tests and gram stains on both birds to ensure that they are deemed worthy to mate. You can even breed for desired characteristics.

When you finally have two healthy, unrelated cockatiels that can breed, you neeed to find out when. The mating season for cockatiels is in spring, summer and early autumn. This is when the sunlight is out for longer and the temperatures are warmer. Soft foods and breeder's pellets being taken three months before the mating season, more sunlight and baths, and a nestbox will increase the probability of copulation. You should not force your cockatiels to breed too often, as this makes the birds anxious and can affect their health. About seven-to-ten days after your two birds breed, the female should lay a clutch of two-to-eight eggs. The eggs can survive without incubation, or nesting, up to one week after they have been laid. Cockatiel eggs will hatch two-to-three weeks after they are laid. Using these techniques, it should be easy to start your own business breeding cockatiels.

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