Computer personell, Book keeper, Window washer, Babysitter...

by Sparrow
(North Carolina)

I am thirteen years old and want a job that can earn me some quick money in a short time and doesn't take to much patchins (spelling obviously is one of my strrong points) and I would be willing to clean up somebody's slow-running computer, add some programs, update databases, and anyother computer-related job I can get my hands on.

Also would be willing to babysit a 6-9 year old WELL BEHAVED. Can cook- somewhat... Can wash windows, vacume, heep books, organize, clean out garages, attics, basements, and do odd jobs like yard work, painting, and some delivery. Can do dish washing, but absolutly HATE it.

I would really like to know if you have a job for me. Thx. Oh yeah, i offer computer tutorials as well. (Begginner-meduim).

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