cook, babysit, fashion or dance

by Imani Parker
( Sacramento)

I want to be to be a choreographer. I love to dance and teaching kids 7-11 for $5 a day will just make it better. I enjoy hiphop and r&b. I am open to try more things and will have fun. The thing is I don't know where to start. I don't have a dance studio, so for now it will take place in my garage or big living room I guess.The lowest age I will go is 6 and the highest is 12. If the kid is impatient, rude, disrespectful, then your going to have to put them in check or I will lol. Your kid must be open minded, respectful, creative, and have a good sense of humor. Thank you for reading….

I wand to be a chef. Cooking is another one of my many passions. I can teach 7-12 for cooking classes. For cooking classes it will be $20 every 2 weeks or $50 a month in a half.

Right now, I'm currently 13years old. My birthday is January 19,2000

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