You Really Can Save Up to 80% on Your Groceries With Coupons!

Do you use coupons when you go grocery shopping? If not, you could be paying as much as 80% More than you need to!

Grocery shopping is one of my least favorite jobs. I hate spending $100 to $200 dollars a week...only to see it disappear and have nothing left to show for it.

My 4 "little darlings" eat everything I about4 days!

Tony, my 14 year old, knows what day I go grocery shopping (usually Thursday so we have food over the week-end) and he checks, or I should say, he "inventories" all the food I've bought so he knows exactly where it is and how much is left.

He's also my baby calf! He goes through more milk in a week than my other 3 kids combined!

Must be going through a growing spurt!

Speaking of growing pains...Tony grew 5 1/2 inches and gained 31 pounds in under a year.

And it was all because we had his tonsils and adnoids removed - seriously!

A little history...

Ever since Tony was about 3 years old, I started noticing that he rarely breathed through his nose...had a nasally sounding voice...and snored like a drunken sailor on steroids!

And no, I'm not exagerating. I couldn't sleep in the same room with him because of his snoring...his poor brother! But Matthew must have been used to the snoring because he never woke up.

But because of his snoring, every year I would have Tony's tonsils checked at the doctor...and every year they would tell me his tonsils were normal sized and didn't need to come out.

Until finally, my husband had to sleep in the same tent with Tony and heard him stop breathing several times during the night.

Not a very restful camping trip I might add!

I took him to the doctor and insisted that his tonsils be X-rayed...and low and behold...he had a 90% airway blockage from his adnoids. So he had surgery to have both his tonsils and adnoids removed.

Did you know that kids do most of their growing while they sleep?

It's true, there is a growth hormone released while resting that allows you to grow.

No wonder teenagers sleep so much...they're still growing!

And Tony didn't sleep well so his growth was much slower than average. But not any more!

So back to saving money with coupons...especially on milk!

You can save A LOT of money on groceries by using coupons.

I have to admit, I was a tough cookie to break when it came to using coupons. I never thought I could be that organized.

Until I had teen-agers and watched my food bill skyrocket!

But what really convinced me was when I went to a Hearts and Home mother's conference where I signed up for a seminar with Ellie Kay, Coupon QUEEN!

She showed us mothers how to save up to 80% using coupons.

Since I'm not a coupon Queen like Ellie, I started out slow.

And so can you if you're not already using coupons!

First, I signed up to get my local grocery "discount" card and a milk card. For every 10 gallons of milk I buy (and I usually go through 3-4 gallons a week), I get a free gallon of milk.

Just like that!

Secondly, I also started going through the Sunday paper and clipping only the coupons on food that I regularly buy...such as cereal, bread, yogurt, sour cream...and I kept my eye out for buy one and get one free items.

I figure that if I don't need both items, I can give one away to the food shelf.

Just doing this alone, I'm easily saving $20 to $30 per shopping trip. And lastly, on my coupon journey, I've found some great websites for free printable coupons here... You're required to fill out a survey and then free coupons are mailed to you. And there are new ones every Sunday! I'm also showing by example to my kids how to use coupons...which hopefully will carry over into their adult lives.

My daughters are really good at finding coupons for their favorite shampoo, conditioner, and make-up products!

Remember, practice...practice...practice makes perfect!

Enlist Your Kids to Shop Half of the Grocery List

Some of my friends think I'm crazy for doing this...but it WORKS!

What better way to teach your kids how to grocery shop wisely...looking for the best value...than to have them actually grocery shop!

When I go grocery shopping, I give half of my list (Yes, you NEED to make a list - this alone will save you at least $20 bucks!) to one of my kids. It doesn't matter - son or daughter.

I figure I'm helping out my future daughter-in-law by teaching my sons how to save money grocery shopping!

My only instructions are to ONLY buy what's on the list, the cheapest item (either with the coupon or the generic brand)...for the best value.

This also helps with the math skills too!

But it's a great way to cut down your grocery shopping time...teach your kids "hands on" saving money...and give them some responsibility and boost their self esteem.

Sounds good to me! Check out this site besides watching in your local paper.

More Food Saving Tips:

Recently, we had a Halloween party for some 30 5th and 6th graders at our about SCARY!

But I needed a LOT of hotdogs to feed that crew.

So I just asked the friendly meat man at our grocery store. He asked me if I minded if the hotdogs were frozen and of course I said not at all!

So he sold me100 hotdogs for $5!

It really does pay to make friends with the meat/produce/fruit manager!

You can get fruits of all different kinds for less than half price.

More Tips:

Dial for Dollars If you must have Skippy peanut butter, call the toll free number or go to the Skippy website. You're sure to find a coupon for the taking.

A handful, please If you're trying out that new recipe and it calls for a "handful" of pine nuts...only buy a'll save a bundle!

No Substitutes Don't waste your money on egg substitutes; make your own by just using egg whites.

Don't Opt For Convenience My kids love rice-a-roni...but it's expensive! So I buy brown rice (much cheaper & healthier) and add a packet of seasoning. Yummy!

Minute rice can also cost twice as much. So buy the regular rice, make more than you need, and freeze the leftovers to use as needed.

Add your own seasonings to rice, noodles, and vegetables and save big. (You'll also use way less salt)

Mix Your Own If plain yogurt is less expensive, mix your own fruit yogurt with fresh fruit or preserves.

Weigh your produce Not all live-pound bags of apples are created equally - weigh before you buy.

Be a latecomer Ask your grocer about late-day markdowns in the bakery, meat, dairy, and floral departments.

Meats that are near the expiration date can easily be frozen and then used immediately after thawed.

Rain Check Always Take a rain check if they're out of what you need on sale.

Save Money & Share:

Just a friendly reminder, use coupons to shop for what you need (on your LIST) and what is a good value.

And buy the items that are on sale that you have coupons for so you pay the lowest possible price.

And don't forget to share any extra items you don't need or get for free!

You'll be teaching your kids valuable millionaire habits...saving money and sharing their blessings.

It doesn't get much better than that!

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