Creating ads, writing articles, and creating informational websites

by Samanta Katerina Fuller
(Savannah, GA, U.S.)

I'm currently 13 and my birthdate is January 37, 2004, in Vilnius, Lithuania located in Europe. Adopted at age 2, came to America, and being tired of hearing my stepmom call me a loser , I've decided to prove myself to become worthy to not feel like I'm just a waste in this world. My future's all planned out, step-by-step and if I fail on one job, I have a back-up. When I grow up, I want to be an actress from ages 16-20, then a singer or rapper between ages 20-30, (it depends because I would be allowed to be a rapper only if my mother is gone before that dream since she’s overprotective on what people I should hang out with). That’s the part where I have to use the backup plan: become a singer instead. Between ages 30-death, I’ll write very numerous works of poetry that inspire many others about many things. Ever since I was little, my BIGGEST DREAM was to become just like Dr. Suess except my poetry would have existent words and NOT use nonfiction, made-up words like he did in his stories. My back-ups that I could use at any time are a website designer, choreographer, work at Coastal Harbor, video game designer, *journalist, be part of the NSL… I know what I want to become, but there are many obstacles facing my way that I must overcome and so many decisions to make in a world I thought was small. The older I got, the bigger the world, the more opportunities, the more work, and the less parenting being provided, but with bigger rules, making my future a bigger decision, making me use more thinking tools.

So the reason I think you should hire me is because it’s like a head start to achieving the future: Starting off small and being BiG. It may teach me some stuff on the way as I design new websites and ads. I could do that now, but I don’t have a reason to.

This is why I went online,
Looking for jobs
That seem like fine

This is why I searched for jobs,
Jobs that I’d appreciate
I’m honest and not one who robs
So hire me and I won’t be late

I’m only thirteen
And so? What?
What do you mean?
I’m not a slut

I know parents say
Their children are too young
But if you hire me today
I’ll be happy the phone rung

Everyone has a purpose
And to make a good impaction
So when a teen looking for a job urges
Why not put them into action?

So go ahead, don’t hide
There’s nothing to confess,
But say, “You’re applied,
Yes, yes, and yes.”

I’m looking for jobs,
That seem like fine
This is why...I went online

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