Creating Facebook pages, creating Twitter pages, and creating Instagram pages.

by Joseph Santiago
(Erie, Pennsylvania, United States )

Hello, my name is Joseph Santiago. I am looking for a job on the Internet because other jobs don't offer a job to people my age in the United States. I have always been the " internet guy " to everyone. I am on about every major social media there is. I would like to get an online job that allows me to create Facebook pages, twitter pages, Instagram pages, and other social media to advertise things. This job interests me because I am excellent at persuading people to buy certain things. I'm a truly hard worker and am determined to accomplish anything in my path. I would like to make about $400 to $450 a month. Negotiations can be made for the pay of you think the it's too high. I can be contacted with this phone number: 814-844-0510 or via email: I prefer to be contacted by phone but either works! Thank you for your time.

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