creating facebook pages , writing a story , creating a song , dancer , singer .

by Natasha Aik
(Jurong , Singapore)

Im Natasha and Im 13 this year and Im from singapore . i live in the west area of singapore too . Im a person who likes to sing and dance and write.I use my imaginations creatively to form a new comtempary or hip hop dance . I want to work and earn money because no one is supporting my family at the current moment and I know I need to work beofore Im totally broke . I only have a few more weeks left before I have to declare Im bankrupt so I have to get a job fast and earn money to get my family working back to normal . now they are depending on me for money so I really have to work and study to mantain this family and i really hope that there will be jobs that are applicable for me to work as. All I want is a pay that is around $1800 per month.I hope that you will look by my post and help me get a job to mantain my family !Im okay with jobs like creating facebook pages,writing a book ,dancer, singer .

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