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by Kiki

Hi! My name is Kiki and I am 13 years old. I have been struggling trying to find money during this season not only because of my age but because I cannot get a "real job" because I am not old enough. A fact about me is that I actually have a summer babysitting camp job but I'm too busy these days to do that now. I am a cheerleader so with cheerleading and middle school it's hard to earn money. I've always relied on my parents for money and now I want to rely on myself to work hard and earn it for my own things. For my cousins birthday this year I would like to get her a MacBook Air with a case I choosed from online. But because I cannot find a job it has been very hard for me to earn the money. I have read books, looked online, and asked both of my parents if they knew any jobs I could have that would provide me earning money. They had no idea and I thought it was just time to give up. But then I found this website and I was convinced I would buy her the MacBook I want to get her. I like to create social media, design, and write articles, stories, etc. If you could help me earn money that would be great. Thank you!

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