Creative Jobs

by Abdusselam, Dzihada, Abdulrahman, Rim
(U.A.E. Sharjah)

Hi, we are siblings full of ideas for jobs. We made a simple website on our own and we would love to teach others how to create a simple website and start it on their own, and all steps they need to publish it, and we will also love to advertise our website and offers so that others can hear about us. For now we are offering tutoring in all school subjects up to grade 8, babysitting, pet care, origami and art club, chess club, sport club etc. We train karate already for 3 years and we are black belts and national champions. We also play chess, fencing and basketball at school and we go out with friends to museums, parks, theme parks etc.

We would love to design clothes and make them, but currently we do not know how to sew and we do not have money for materials.
If you can help us with ideas and implementation please let us know and if you want to check what we have already done (but it is not finished yet) visit us at We can do advertise for you if you let us. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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