Creative writing job

by Piper
(Kansas city, MO, USA)

Hello,my name is Piper and I'm a writer. I have always been looking for a way to get my creativity and my feelings out to the public. I've always wanted people to like my work and tell me that I'm doing something right, but I mostly want to hear it from people that don't know me, have no feelings about me, and have no personal gain from telling me that I'm good. The type of job I'm looking for is, my storys get bought and published. Even if it's not a book, I want to gain money with my work. Like, in a mgazine, or maybe someone just loves it and even posts it on their blog.

I'm very inspired by Japanese anime and art and I insure you, I am not one of those people who think they the most awesomess person in the world. I didn't think I was a good writer intill I was told by many people. But I'll stop talking at let you read it for yourself

The beast within
I gaze at the blue sky through the trees that gives me shelter. The fluffy streaks of clouds, skimmed the horizon. I jumped off the sun-warmed rock from which I sat, and gracefully landed on all fours. My eyes swiftly observed the area, looking for a lonely creature to feast upon.
I too, am like you. Surviving. Hunting. But you, you have so much more than me. I may be a beast, but that doesn’t mean you deserve more. A smell hit my nostrils. The sweet, warm, sensation of flesh and blood; alone too. I crept. Peering through the berry bush, already stripped by bears, I saw it. A young doe. I smelled fear and worry so she must have strayed from her mother. I licked my long, sharp, teeth; delighted that they will soon snap the bones of another young.
I stepped forward,
putting as less weight as I could on it. I breathed, in, out, in, out. The smell was overwhelming. I could already taste the helpless little doe. I hunched up, prepared to pounce. The little doe turned its head. The big, beady, eye stared at me filled with freight. But it was too late. I raked my claws into the freighted eyes. The doe tried to run, but it could not see. Instead, it ran right into my glinting teeth. I bit its back. The taste I oh so waited for, wash over my taste buds.
The blood soaked my teeth, staining them a sickly red. The doe broke free. It ran, but into a tree. I racked my claws down its back. It bleated a cry of pain. Oh, how much I love that cry. I wanted more. More pain, more blood, and more cries of agony that echoes through my head. I clawed even more. To my satisfaction, it bleated the most beautiful cry I have ever heard in my days of hunting. But it didn’t last. The doe fell to the ground and its breathing slowed.
I sat there and waited for it to die for I didn’t believe in a final blow. When the breathing stopped, its frightened eyes stared blankly at nothing. I grunted and took a bite out. This is what I have to do to survive. Why do you get to have joy living in a shadow while I’m here accepting the truth? I looked at my hands stained with blood. I licked them, starting at the pinkie to the thumb. In every human, there is a beast. I have accepted that beast within us all. I was hoping if I accepted the beast, than I could live like you. But I was wrong.
Accept the beast instead of living a lie

I hope you enjoyed and please give me some comments

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