Design apps and sell electronic

My name is Andrew Vazquez I would really like to make money by designing apps or selling electronics. I always wanted to design my own app and I once had a dream that I was selling electronics. I try my best to work really hard and I need a chance to prove that I can work hard. I am 13, born August 11th 2003 and I had to repeat kindergarten so I should be in 8th grade. In 7th grade and I love my school and my favorite color is Blue,green, and yellow.I also like french fries. I really hope things work out for me. I have school from 8:05 to 2:50 Monday-Friday. I would like to make as much money as I can like maybe 100 dollars it honestly depends on how I work if I get the job. You can contact me at or try 310-431-0558.

Thank you

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