Digital art / Illustrations

by Kali

Hello! Im a digital/traditional artist and I am homeschooled.

I would really like to help out my mom with bills because she gets up at 6:00am everyday and works and works all day long. I look up to her so much and would LOVE to help out with bills. She is a single mother, Me and my brother are her only children. She also works really hard in jobs out of the country, and I often have to stay with my grandparents. Its hard being away from her fr so long, thousands of miles away, hearing her voice is such a relief. Anyways, Im a freelance digital/traditional artist working with a crappy computer and a drawing tablet. Here's my deviantart where I post all of my art - I'm also a great writer.
If there is anything that I could do with my skills PLEASE TELL!
Thanks - Kali.

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